The ROOM Team....L-R: Andrew Wessels, Gontse More, Thato Mogotsi, Mbali Mdluli, Mack Magagane, Gontse More, Maria Fidel Regueros & Megan Mace, Photo: Andrew Wessels, 2015


The team of ROOM consists of the Directors  Maria Fidel Regueros & Andrew L. Wessels (who also act as Operational Staff) and the Non Executive Directors and advisors, Megan Mace, Thato Mogotsi, Johannes Phokela (artist), Dumisani Phakati (filmmaker) and Benon Lutaaya (artist). ROOM's activities are supported by the invaluable support of our Interns in 2016 by Jemma Dwyer, Alexander Appolis & Refilow Namise (University of Witwatersrand) , in 2015 by Gontse More (Market Photo Workshop) and in 2014 by Nyakallo Maleke (University of Witwatersrand) & Mpho Mokgadi (Market Photo Workshop).


Co-Founder, Director,  Programming & Market Development ROOM NPC & URBANART PROJECTS

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Director, ROOM NPC

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Artistic & Technical Director, ROOM NPC & URBANART PROJECTS

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ROOM is an independent multi-disciplinary gallery including a project based space and residency focused on collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange, with monthly artistic programming.


ROOM with its activities aims to be a part of an interrogative, critical and constructive urban terrain, which in turn informs its visual sensibility, creative programming and values.  Our focus is to work with discourses centred along the global South axis and its Diasporas.


ROOM is a context, which increases awareness of the multitude of creative production, through the projects it engages with and to take full advantage of the ever-increasing number of platforms in the public domain.


ROOM was developed so as to provide platforms to young, mid career and established artists to showcase their work. The curatorial approach of our activities  is focused on presenting programming which acts as a catalyst for discussions, under the banners of the Carpet Series - an informal context which  examines   the thematics that each of the artists addresses over and above their respective visual presentation at ROOM.


The programming consists of film screenings, talks, happenings, dinners, gigs, performances and dinners hosted by ROOM and artists we engage with.


ROOM is situated in Johannesburg and functioning without a space.