The works presented in the exhibition consisted of Stereoscopic videos, digital photographs, paintings and multi-medium installations.

For best viewing of the works presented here, we encourage you to view the images using 3D Anaglyph glasses (Red and Cyan Glasses)

MUSE ROOM An exhibition of sculptural, video based and Stereoscopic (3D) works by WAYNE BARKER & DON SEARLL 29.10.2011 - 21.11.2011
 MUSE ROOM is an exhibition about juxtapositions, subversion and playfulness in all its contexts. It celebrates beauty and light, melancholy, the role of the MUSE and/or model, as well as the performance involved in the act of making art. MUSE ROOM makes reference to the artist’s studio as an allegory of the most intimate, yet presented in the most public of frameworks. The exhibition will feature new and unseen sculptural and video-based works by Wayne Barker and recent stereoscopic compositions by internationally recognized 3D filmmaker and video artist, Don Searll. A collaborative piece by both artists will also form part of the show. The exhibition poses questions - related to artist at easel and the interaction of artist & model - technically and aesthetically as those asked by artists generations ago to date, but now interrogating these topics by bringing in the element of technology. WEAR YOUR 3D GLASSES …
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