CONCENTRE CuZn An intervention and sculptural exhibition of works by Fine arts students from the University of Pretoria and Guy Du Toit 13.10 – 3.11.2012
Concentre CuZn presents a selection of works by second year Fine Arts students from the University of Pretoria working under the guidance of Guy du Toit and Sakkie Seoka. The title of the group exhibition, relates to a coming together a convergence be it through the use of the medium in that all participants are presenting works using sculpture and more specifically bronze based sculptures as is indicated in the symbols CuZn (Copper and Zinc, the classical alloys producing Bronze as per the periodic table) The exhibition will present bronze sculptures showcased in both the ROOM space and beyond its walls, integrated in the environment of the precinct 70 Juta and surrounding areas. The thematics chosen by the participants vary from playful interpretations of street names and technological objects, South African identities, race, gender, socio-economic and cultural realities, as well as personal and intimate family objects, three dimensional Interpretation of narrative texts, to the use of well known visual references as is the Venus of Willendorf in the discussion of matriarchal and patriarchal societies’ objectification of the female form; Sexuality as a taboo, the depiction of the African body in alternative contexts, the Symbolic representation and the relative meaning attached to objects informed by diverging world views. Participating students include: Lise Brauckmann, Kaitlyn Coss, Nadine Clark, Donovan Drodskie, Minien Hattingh, Ian Jacobs, Gustav Kruger, Paige Kroger, Suné Kusche, Shenaz Mahomed, Nicholas Makamu, Roxette Malala, Sibu Masters, Courtney McHolm, Simone Oranje, Sarah Pretorius, Claire Reilly, Nicole Reyneke, Yudaikha Singh, Lindie Van Der Merwe, Elsabé Viljoen, Warwick Williams and Sculptor Guy Du Toit Download as PDF View online