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FINGERS IN THE OUTLET An exhibition of works by Nathan Gates 28.01.2013 – 09.02.2013
ROOM presents as the first show of 2013, Fingers in the Outlet an exhibition of recent works by Nathan Gates. In his statement on the show as a holistic body of work the artist states: The exhibition consists of a series of ‘domestic investigations’ into the concept of Bricolage. It is hands-on, exploratory practice that is performed within a domestic setting and through the objects and materials characteristic of this space. The primary intent of the concept explored is to acquire a physical and conceptual understanding of these objects as mechanisms of expression. The title of the show, Fingers In The Outlet, is an allusion to the curiosity and inquisitiveness that is carried out with whatever is on hand. It refers to an interruption of flow or the creation of a space through intervention, linking up to the character of experimentation that enables this process. Fingers In The Outlet presents a collection of sculptural elements ranging from scrap wood to consumer electronics, which in turn have been extended spatially. The works touch on installation with the inclusion of some interactive elements and video. The varied works are intended to form a heterogeneous repertoire of experiments, reflections or musings physically carried out through the materials. All the materials used have either been found or sourced from hardware and second hand stores with the exception of the electronic components that have not been scavenged from the objects themselves. These electronic components are from hobbyist’s shops, the knowledge required to use them has been accrued and developed throughout this process. Whether it was by chance, opportunity or good old-fashioned book learning, this emergent knowledgeability has continually driven the production process and directly shaped the work; either by expanding the possible routes available for the work to take or limiting them and forcing the artist to alter the works or find alternate means of recourse to continue on. “This co-constructive aspect of the work is central to the show as a whole and my interest in Bricolage as a methodology. Using the objects around me to carry out this enquiry I have tried to maintain a constant leveraging of scientific experimentation vs. artistic experimentation in the interests of producing new forms of meaning through a process of making.” Nathan Gates, 2013