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MILETA’S 300 Recipes for an Extremely Happy Life An exhibition of Illustrations by MILETA POSTIC 15.08 - 01.09.2012
The exhibition consists of 60 hand drawn works created under the title of “Mileta’s 300 Recipes for Extremely Happy Life”. According to the artist the concept of the works was influenced by his attraction to popular media and cult claims. Mileta’s 300 Recipes for Extremely Happy Life is a comment on the articles we find in mass media from some self-proclaimed Gurus. What has fascinated Postic is how they have recipes for conducting a better life. The artworks are a relativization and mocking of such claims. The medium used by the artist is drawing which makes those claims un-pretentious. It is done in a postmodern, hand drawn style utilising retro staging and character depiction. The works also present a banalization, nonsensical and playful ways of stating there are no ultimate truths, because different rules apply for different people at different times and contexts. Mileta has made specific references to some well-known concepts, yet taking those recipes into extremes. Underlying themes in the works include that of non-violence, anti- war, anti-weapons and hunting and anti-dogmatic views in general. The artist has created his own style of drawing, which is by now very distinct and uniform throughout his work, in that he has kept the typography simple and sketchy, lending a more informal approach to the images and by extension the messages conveyed. Mileta’s 300 Recipes for Extremely Happy Life is a fake branding, self-help series that is supposed to be humorous and trivial. ABOUT THE ARTIST Mileta Postic: Born:1970 in Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia) Has been exhibiting since 1994. In USA, South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia and many other European Countries. Mainly focuses on characters, whether it’s drawing, painting, illustration or animation. Has been teaching Art and Animation since 1995 at Universities in USA, UK, Serbia, South Korea and South Africa. Conducted many workshops in animation, spoke at conferences and completed numerous commercial projects. Most work can be seen on Last two exhibitions in Berlin (2007) and Seoul (2009) featured paintings, drawings and animation.