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GOLD A collaborative exhibition by JANA+KOOS and ADELE PRINS 14.06 - 13.07.2012
GOLD aka City of Gold-Diggers, is a collaborative exhibition by the creatives Jana+Koos and Adele Prins. The exhibition takes shape as a sartorial expression of migration, bling, greed, adventurers, street culture, pollution, pioneers, church and capped teeth. These themes are explored with playfulness. The works examine the energy and the spirit of a place that is both loved and hated for various, often overlapping reasons. The body of work presented in this exhibition ranges from silkscreen prints and projections to three dimensional objects, created, collected and developed by the artists. For JANA+KOOS & Prins, GOLD in the context of a collaborative exhibition, serves as a platform to express some of the work and ideas that they have been accumulating and experimenting with over the past year. “We have a deep-rooted love and fascination for Johannesburg and all its quirks, and this project is inspired by our interaction with this city as the place we stay, work and play in. It is a combination of design, art and illustration, silkscreen and digital prints, video and three dimensional objects. The only prerequisite we kept to, was to retain the color palette used by each to black, white and gold and thus allow for the different styles, interpretations and techniques we use in our work, to inform the final outcome. The end result is a vastly different take and execution, with something for everyone to appreciate about the city of gold (and it's gold diggers).” Jana + Koos’ prints use conceptual vantage points interpreted through a range of different mediums and techniques including photographic digital manipulation, street inspired typography, graphic design, sourcing and styling. The silkscreens presented by Adele Prins in this exhibition developed out of a digital manipulation of ink sketches in combination with letterpress printing blocks which are influenced by her interest in book design and historic printing methods, with which she now creates new Joburg memoirs.