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The exhibition consists of works, which center on the broad themes of what constitutes the internal human dilemma for the artist and its translation into line, form and composition. Corridors & Passages as explored in this body of work – deals with the inner labyrinths where various elements meet and by doing so forge a way ahead. Corridors/Passages speaks of one’s own ongoing internal debate amalgamated in space and time ... These are poetic places where the elements become a visual language. 
It is about a fascination with the human anatomy which is used by the artist as the metaphor of the human will, the meeting of spirit and matter in the context of everyday life. On the curatorial concept of the exhibition: Today as in the last 2 decades curatorial practice has focused in some cases on de-constructing the presentation of artistic practice and focusing more on process. This exhibition does not purport to focus on process but just to allude to it. The range of works on display will be from completed works, to works in progress and potential projects explored by the artist. The real focus remains on the practice of art making itself: on concept, technique and production. The exhibition will also play with the experience of the viewer, in as much as the exhibition is presented within an interior space with outside characteristics mirroring the general thematic of the exhibition. The exhibition marks another event of the STAD/CITY:TO LET/ FOR SALE programme of activities in association with INTERMISSION. A series showcasing visual art and related projects in temporary cites in Johannesburg’s CBD.









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