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BHEKA is a window space in ROOM Gallery & Projects founded by Refiloe Namise and Alexander Appolis.


It serves as a permanent micro-residency. BHEKA a space of interrogation, contemplation and occupation, where the public and creatives respond to what appears on/in/around the window space. This is the mode of thinking through the space and future projects.


The window exists as a mediated liminal space, between the gallery and the 'outside'. In essence, the 'interior' interacts with an 'exterior' through a distorted lens. This idea led to the naming of the space in terms of the idea of looking, ukuBheka (to look), Bheka, which translates to 'look', in isiZulu ukuBheka.

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Email me on: bheka@roomgallery.co.za Call me on: 011 074 4944