BEYOND THE SUBJECT Between the intentional and the accidental An exhibition of paintings by BENON LUTAAYA 21.11.2012 – 12.01.2013
ROOM presents “Beyond the subject - between the intentional and the accidental ” as the first solo exhibition by Uganda born, Johannesburg based artist Benon Lutaaya. The title of the exhibition draws reference to the creative process an artist undergoes in creating a narrative. More specifically Benon’s self-imposed and ongoing challenge in the choice of technique. Although the subject matter remains fundamental, the exhibition attempts to steer the viewer’s gaze of Benon’s work towards the question of how the work comes to life. In creating, Benon uses the materials at his disposal – from discarded paper to plastic telephone cards as palette knives and everything in between - to guide the concept and subject matter, which in turn always stems from the artist’s personal experiences. The selected works present new and ongoing thematics in Benon’s ouvre: From his signature collaged portraits of street children to the sole use of acrylics in his search of movement while depicting the animal form. Layer upon layer, is the signature technique of Lutaaya’s work. He says: “I still want to tell the story of the person or the subject matter….yet something new comes from the play…from organizing the mess into form”. The exhibition also marks the 1st year anniversary since the inception of ROOM and the launch of the initiative’s commitment to supporting - over and above its activities - charitable causes and art related projects, with proceeds from every exhibition. Both ROOM and the artist have committed that funds generated from this exhibition will be donated to the Twilight Children Charity in Hillbrow. For more information on the organisation please visit Download as PDF View online